Whether you’re after high-quality warehouse shelving, or the best warehouse pallet racking the industry has to offer, ColbyRACK is the smarter, safer, and stronger warehouse storage solution.

What you will get with Colby Solutions

  • A comprehensive range of storage products
  • High-quality, durable storage equipment
  • Superior WHS with products that exceed independent standards for safety
  • Industry-leading design and installation expertise
  • Certification software to ensure your safety, integrity, and compliance
  • Reliable delivery, installation, and back-up services.
Colby Selective Pallet Racking

About Colby Storage Solutions

After more than 55 years of supplying innovative and safe commercial warehouse storage systems to businesses across Australia, Colby Storage Solutions have become one of the country’s foremost suppliers of warehouse racking and commercial shelving.

The Storage Ideas team with their award at Qube's warehouse

Independent Distributors across Australia

We’ve worked hard to establish a flexible network of independent distributors across Australia, which we have combined with the resources of global materials handling specialist, Dematic, to ensure you receive your racking solutions in a timely and professional manner. Click here to find your nearest distributor.


ColbyRACK is Australian Made

Our ColbyRACK range of pallet racking products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia by our Australian team. We stamp, roll-form, weld, and powder coat our beams and uprights at Dematic’s manufacturing facility in Belrose, NSW. We are extremely proud to call ColbyRACK Australian Made.

Reliable delivery, installation, and back-up services

We take pride in providing reliable delivery, installation, and back-up services, and want to assist you in sourcing virtually everything you need for your industrial facilities – from pallet racking and shelving solutions to packing benches, pallet trucks, bins, totes, carts, and pallet or package conveyors.


Colby Storage Solutions is one of Australia’s best known storage solutions suppliers

Colby Storage Solutions is one of Australia’s best known and respected suppliers of innovative, high quality storage solutions. With more than 50 years’ experience in providing reliable and cost-effective solutions, Colby combines the flexibility of a national network of independent distributors, with the resources of global materials handling specialist Dematic.

“Colby” and the “Colby Chevron mark” are registered trademarks of Dematic Pty Ltd.

Colby® products are designed, engineered and manufactured by Dematic Pty Limited. “Colby” and the “Colby Chevron Marks” are registered trademarks of Dematic Pty Limited.

Colby Racking Manufacturing at Dematic in Australia

Colby General FAQ

Our experienced team is here to help, providing valuable advice on design, layout, equipment, and warehouse safety.


Colby Drive-in Racking

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  • Do you Service Products?

    To comply with Australian work safety laws, all industrial storage systems are required to be inspected by a qualified professional and have certified safety signage to indicate the maximum unit load rating for each storage level. Under the Australian Standards AS4084 2023, it is mandatory for all businesses to have their racking inspected at least once every 12 months, regardless of size, working loads or traffic. Contact us today to arrange your next rack audit.

  • Do you install products?

    ColbyRACK has been designed to be flexible and is easy to relocate or reconfigure. Ask our team for advice or help on installation, relocation, or reconfiguration to suit your changing business needs.

  • What is the cost of delivery?

    The cost of delivery depends on a number of factors including location, courier service as well as product dimensions. For more information contact us 1800 984 873 during office hours or make an enquiry here and a representative will reach out to you directly.

  • Do you offer bespoke storage solutions?

    At Colby Storage Solutions, we provide high quality, durable and safe storage solutions including bespoke built racking and shelving to specifically suit your storage needs. For more information, contact us today to speak to our specialists.

  • Do you offer a repair service?

    Yes, at Colby we really care about your safety. Our repair service ensures the highest levels of productivity and uptime. Contact a Colby specialist consultant here to learn more.

  • How do I make an order?

    For order inquiries related to all Colby Storage Solutions products, call us today on 1800 984 783 (1800 COLBY 1).

  • Do you have a showroom where I can view the shelving?

    Colby Storage Solutions has several distributors located across Australia. To arrange a viewing at a Colby showroom contact your local distributor here.

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