Pushing a pallet too far?

Rear upright damage is most commonly due to forklift drivers pushing a pallet too far into the ground level storage bay, causing it to strike the rear upright. Colby’s Protect-a-RACK Rear Upright Protector acts as armour between the pallet and the upright so that your racking structure is protected against accidents.


Colby Storage Solutions Racking Protection

Extra rack protection

The rear upright protector delivers extra rack protection for a part of your rack that would be costly and inconvenient to repair, and where – crucially – damage is difficult to detect. Rack protection can be easily retrofit to your existing storage system.

Hobson Engineering

When developing a new 15,000 square metre DC, Hobson was looking for a new warehouse solution to combat rising costs, and ensure they could make the best use of their warehouse space.

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It is mandatory for all business to have their racking inspected at least once every 12 months, Colby can assist your with your regular “health” checks.

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