Gravity Roller Conveyor

Our gravity conveyor roller model is available in straight sections. Sections can be angled to product moved by gravity, or installed level to be manually pushed. The ‘Cleanline’ side channel design significantly reduces operator exposure to OH&S risks. This model handles a wide variety of different products with irregular surfaces.

Gravity Wheel Conveyor

The gravity wheel model is available in straight sections and curves. Sections can be angled so product moved by gravity, or installed level to be manually pushed. It needs less slope than roller conveyors and can also be used for curve applications. Due to the differential action of the individual wheels, the gravity wheel conveyor provides good tracking ability. Its lightweight construction allows easy relocation or adjustments at any time.

Slider Bed Belt Conveyor

This conveyor model economically handles products over long distances. It can transport a wide range of load sizes and shapes, including difficult to convey products such as bags, bundles, rolls and unpackaged goods. The belt moves across a steel supporting bed, offering an extremely stable surface. Fitted with rough top belting, it can be used to convey goods between different floor levels.

Lineshaft Conveyor

The highly versatile lineshaft conveyor can run multiple conveyors and a variety of equipment off a single drive, making this an economical choice for a large range of conveying needs. Lineshaft is also available on curved beds as well as junctions, merges and divert beds. Independently driven carrier rollers make lineshaft more versatile than conventional belt or chain-driven live roller conveyors. Fewer drives means less noise, lower initial cost, and lower maintenance costs.

Live Roller Conveyor

This belt-driven roller conveyor enables variable drive pressure throughout the system. It uses a roller bed as the conveying surface and a flat belt as the driving force. This gives optimum reliability for rugged conveying applications, including cartons, totes or bagged and bundled items. At merge and divert points, pressure can be increased to full driving force.

Accumulation Conveyor

Colby accumulation conveyor is designed for ‘zero pressure’ accumulation of products. A motorised conveyor roller ensures products are held captive within each accumulation ‘zone’. Start/stop control is performed automatically and without the need for additional air-operated devices such as pneumatic roller brakes and case stops.

Colby offers two models of carton accumulation conveyor: Model 24V dc and Model 1265.



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It is mandatory for all businesses to have their racking inspected at least once every 12 months, Colby can assist you with your regular “health” checks.

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