Push-Back Pallet Racking from Colby allows for the storage of pallets up to six deep. Using a forklift, pallets are pushed back on inclined rails that are mounted inside the Push-Back Racking. As a pallet is removed, the one behind it will automatically move forward, taking over the front position.  

Push-Back Rack’s are a great alternative to double-deep or multiple-deep racking, as it allows for dense storage, while ensuring stock is easy to access.

The Benefits of Push-Back Pallet Racking

  • Excellent space utilisation
  • Ideal for bulk storage, order consolidation, and despatch
  • High density, allowing for the storage of up to four pallets deep
  • First pallet in, last pallet out approach

Why Choose Colby’s Push-Back Racking?

At Colby, we’re continually investing in product development, with a focus on designing and manufacturing reliable racking components. The high-standards of our products will ensure years of outstanding performance. Our Push-Back Pallet Racking system is no exception to this, and comes complete with:

  • Rack uprights in a range of widths, depths, and thicknesses
  • The unique diamond-slot profile which provides a stronger and more efficient interlock between upright and beam
  • Strong frame bracing
  • Push-back tracks for easy sliding
  • Racking end protection for safe operation
  • Front and rear upright protectors to minimise damage

To experience the Colby difference first-hand, or for more information on our Push-Back Pallet Racks, contact the team at Colby Storage Solutions today!

Colby RackMan Certification

Colby RackMan Certified

Our proprietary software tool, RackMan, is the ColbyRACK product performance badge of excellence. By using RackMan we can guarantee the load capacity and strength of your ColbyRACK system, protecting your staff and products, and offering you total peace of mind. Read more >


From planning and design, right through maintenance and your annual rack inspections, Colby can provide the services you need to get the most out of your storage investment.