Our comprehensive warehouse shelving range includes everything from steel shelving to carton live storage, making our selection of industrial shelving a practical solution to any of your storage needs.

Colby Storage Solutions’ in-depth knowledge, and excellent customer service will help you get your valuable goods off the floor and neatly organised on the best industrial shelving options the industry has to offer.

Each one of our industrial shelving units are purpose-designed, and come with intelligent picking solutions that will give your business a real boost.


Steel Shelves
General-purpose steel shelving is a space-efficient and economical storage system, which is perfect for almost any light-duty application.

Carton Live Storage (CLS) 
CLS is a useful shelving system that offers many benefits over static shelving, including automatic stock rotation.


Longspan Shelving
Colby’s longspan shelving is a complete storage system that is perfect for light-duty applications in a warehouse environment, storage rooms, or even workshops.

Heavy-Duty Shelving
Our heavy-duty shelving range uses premium ColbyRACK components, and is ideal for storing a wide variety of non-palletised goods.