Choosing the best system should always take into account the number of products, the volume of each product, the throughput rate, physical size and weight of products, expected growth, and a number of other variables including the type of materials handling equipment to be used.

Determining your product movement profile is a good place to start. If your business holds a large number of SKUs and a small volume for each, you'll need a Selective Pallet Racking system. The reverse, and you may benefit from a High-density Racking system.

Selective Storage

Selective pallet racking systems provide immediate, ready access to virtually all pallets. This is needed where there are a high number of SKUs with only a few pallets or less of each, which is typical of most retailers and wholesalers. Read more below.

High-density Storage

High density pallet racking systems are more space efficient than Selective pallet racking systems but do restrict access to individual pallets, so are not suitable for all operations. However, where there are many pallets of each SKU, as is the case with manufacturers, high-density, non-selective solutions can provide cost savings in a range of areas. Read more below.

For some businesses the best solution may be a combination of selective and high-density solutions. No matter the scenario, Colby can help you find the most cost-effective and efficient system for your business needs. Contact us today and we will arrange to visit and review your facility and operations.

Selective Pallet Storage

The most common method of pallet storage is Selective rack. It provides immediate access to any pallet without the need to shuffle stock out of the way. This is ideal for businesses such as retailers and wholesalers, who typically have a wide range of SKUs with minimal stock.

Typical product to quantity profile for selective racks
Single-deep Selective Racks

Standard Selective Pallet Racking

Selective rack optimises the use of space where flexibility, access, and speed are key, and it is designed for fast-moving operations, especially those that have a large range of SKUs and a small number of each SKU. Read more

Double-Deep Selective Racks

Double-deep Pallet Racking

Double Deep Pallet Racking is probably the best compromise between a selective and non-selective pallet racking system. Using economical components in a double-deep, double-sided configuration, density and selectivity are achieved. Double Deep Pallet Racking is used in conjunction with special forklifts, often fitted with a pantograph mechanism which is specially designed to reach the second pallet location. Read more

Narrow Aisle Selective Racks

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking is conventional selective pallet racking configured with narrower aisles, which is used with a specially designed turret truck. While these trucks are often more expensive, major savings on building costs can be achieved when correctly applied. Read more

High-Density Pallet Storage

Non-selective, high-density pallet racking systems are so named because they provide fantastic space efficiency. However they compromise selectivity, so are most appropriate where there are many pallets of each SKU, as with manufacturers.

Typical product to quantity profile for high-density racks

High-density pallet racking systems are typically more expensive than standard pallet racking, but for the right products can offer savings in building, energy, and other costs.

Drive-In Pallet Racking

Drive-in Racking

Drive-in racking is the lowest cost solution for high density pallet storage. Maximising the use of warehouse space, it is cost-effectively serviced by a variety of forklifts, including counterbalanced and reach trucks. Read more

Push-back Pallet Racking

Push-back Pallet Racking

Colby Push-back Pallet Racking provides high density storage where pallets are stored 2, 3 and 4 deep. Using a forklift, goods are pushed back on rails mounted inside the pallet racking. As a pallet is withdrawn, the one behind automatically slides forward to the front position in the racking. Read more

Pallet Live Storage (PLS)

Pallet Live Storage (PLS)

Pallets are loaded into the rear of the racking and gently roll forward on steel or rubber wheels to the front position, providing first in, first out stock rotation. PLS can be incorporated into the lower levels of regular Selective pallet racking or Double Deep pallet racking, creating a ground level picking area with automatic replenishment. Read more

Satellite Racking

Satellite Rack

Semi-automated satellite rack solutions are ideal for buffering stock at shipping docks, prior to truck loading. Capable of running up and down lanes retrieving pallets and bringing them back to the front, Dematic RapidRunner satellite carts make the storage system denser and more space efficient. Read more

Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile Racking

Mobile racking is single or double deep ColbyRACK which is mounted onto electrically powered mobile bases. Making use of space that would normally be used for access aisles in a standard system, the mobile rack opens aisles as needed, achieving very high storage density. Read more

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