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Patented Diamond Slot

ColbyRACK’s unique diamond slot profile provides a stronger and more efficient interlock between uprights and beams by wedging securely together eliminating “clearway” and significantly reducing the potential for accidental dislodgement of beams by forklifts when retrieving or putting away pallets.

4-Tang Welded Beam Connectors

Colby’s 4-tang end connector provides improved stability under even the most demanding of loading conditions. It is stiffer and stronger than a 3-tang connector, resulting in improved beam and frame load-carrying capacity. 3-tang connectors are recommended for light-duty and open section beams only


High-strength steel and smart section design combine to provide maximum upright strength at minimum cost. A strengthening rib on the front face of the upright, along with reinforcing flanges at the rear, make ColbyRACK Uprights significantly stronger than conventional systems.

The unique diamond-slot profile of ColbyRACK provides a stronger and more efficient interlock between the upright and beam connectors.

Colby Storage Solutions Industrial Shelving

Galvanised finish to provide long-life performance

All ColbyRACK Uprights are supplied with a galvanised finish to provide long-life performance in even the harshest of conditions. Painted uprights can also be supplied to order.

Learn more about Colby’s Longspan Shelving system.

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Available in lengths of up to 11 metres

All ColbyRACK Uprights are available in lengths of up to 11 metres, with higher racking being achieved by connecting uprights with a specially designed bolted splice. Uprights are available in a variety of dimensions and material thicknesses to meet different application requirements:

Colby Rack High Tensile Steel

Different application requirements:

Malmar Enterprises

Optimal space efficiency was the number one priority when designing the ColbyRACK pallet and carton storage systems at Malmar’s new Gold Coast distribution centre.

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It is mandatory for all businesses to have their racking inspected at least once every 12 months, Colby can assist you with your regular “health” checks.

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