Murray Goulburn, Australia’s leading processor of milk and the country’s largest exporter of processed food, commissioned a Dematic RapidRunner high density storage system at its Integrated Logistics Centre (ILC) in Laverton in Victoria.

Combining the density of drive-in racking with the benefits of pallet flow, the RapidRunner system uses self-propelled “intelligent” carts to handle pallets within the storage system. The RapidRunner carts run on rails which pass under each pallet location on each level of the storage system.

Unlike other storage system layouts which require multiple access aisles, RapidRunner systems only require aisles for pallet entry and pallet retrieval, making them very space efficient.

Once satisfied that the RapidRunner concept was the best solution for Murray Goulburn, work commenced on what would be the first large scale facility in Australia.

“The RapidRunner concept offers excellent potential for manufacturers and companies that need to store large quantities of pallets of the same product to significantly reduce their storage and handling costs.”

- Phil Saunders
National Storage & Distribution Manager
Murray Goulburn

Because the RapidRunner carts operate automatically and independently within the system, forklift operators are free to focus on bringing product to and from the racking without the need to drive into the rack. The carts can be easily lifted out of one storage lane and transferred to another by a forklift, making it possible for a single cart to service multiple lanes.

As well as providing excellent space utilisation, the RapidRunner system enabled Murray Goulburn to handle double the throughput with less than half the operators it would require with any other type of storage system, such as Drive-In Racking.

Murray Goulburn installed nine RapidRunner carts, with three spares for back up, and for use during busy periods when increased throughput is required.

Customer benefits

  • Combines the density of drive-in racking with the benefits of pallet flow
  • Dramatically increase storage density
  • Double the throughput with less than half the forklifts and operators
  • Cost efficient as a single cart can service multiple lanes
  • Facilitates pre-assembly and staging of orders
  • Space efficient due to very deep storage
  • Rapid unloading and loading of pallet
  •  Integration of RapidRunner carts into existing IT systems